Business advisory

At its core, every business needs sound strategy to ensure sustainability and growth.

We take the time to learn what makes your business unique. If you're starting up a new venture, we help build a strong plan for success. As an established business, you can adapt and evolve by acting on new opportunities.

Our advisory services consist of:
- cash flow planning
- tax help
- advice when buying and selling a business or property
- business management and structure consulting.

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Cash flow

Forecasting your expected cash flow is essential for identifying opportunities and proactively addressing possible shortfalls.

By analysing your data, we'll prepare regular forecasts and recommendations to keep you on the front foot. We can also help with a strategy to raise capital for managing shortfalls.

Tax planning

A professional review of your financial performance and processes can highlight areas for improvement, to reduce your tax burden and increase profits.

Our tax accountants offer advice on tax deductions, record keeping, salary packaging, investments and more.

Buying and selling

Selling a business

Having managed hundreds of sales, we know how to accurately assess your business to improve its value and desirability. With a thorough understanding of related taxes, we also take advantage of all possible tax breaks to maximise your proceeds after sale.

Succession planning

Handing over your business to a relative or other successor is a complex financial and legal undertaking - one that can become messy or emotional. We'll facilitate a fair and transparent process while preserving close relationships between you and your successors.

Buying a business

This could be the biggest investment of your life. Independent advice and assistance is crucial to buying a viable business. We'll analyse all financial documentation, performance calculations and industry benchmarks to give you the best chance at success.

Buying property

Property investment is a crucial element of any good investment strategy. With the associated tax breaks, investment properties guarantee diversification and balance in a portfolio.

Take the time and energy out of looking for the right property. Our list of 'investor ready' properties lets you quickly start the process and our experts advise you at every stage.

Business consulting


Identify opportunities to grow your business with help from our management consultants. They'll analyse your business to improve performance and increase revenue through better reporting, planning and internal processes.


Implement the right structures for your business. There are many considerations when putting processes in place, such as maintenance costs, tax implications, reporting obligations and exit strategies.

Our expert recommendations will make any business more efficient and profitable.