Tribute to Bob Hayes

It is with much sadness that we mourn the passing of Bob Hayes on 11th June 2022.

Bob Hayes had a long and distinguished career in accounting as a Chartered Accountant. He began his journey at a number of local firms, eventually running his own firm Robert A Hayes Chartered Accountant for many years, then Hayes Partners when his son Matt joined him.

Bob and Matt came to Hamilton Morello in June 2007, having decided to join forces with a larger, well-resourced accounting practice. It was immediately apparent that Bob was a great operator whose advice was incredibly valued by his clients. Bob continued his long and fruitful relationship with his clients, many of whom he considered close friends.

As many of our clients are well aware, Bob always fought hard for the best interests of his clients, and brought a strong but reasoned manner to any meeting. Bob was known for coming out all guns blazing if an adversarial meeting was not going our client's way.

Bob was a much respected figure at Hamilton Morello. Bob was a great mentor to many people at Hamilton Morello over the years. The staff members at Hamilton Morello who worked with Bob learned many invaluable lessons that they will carry on and impart themselves. Bob also brought his unique comedic wit to the Hamilton Morello office and we will continue to hold many valued memories of working alongside Bob.

Bob retired in May 2020 after a very successful career to spend more time on his farm, with his family and watch his beloved Richmond Tigers.

Bob has left a magnificent legacy among his client base, and the current partners and staff at Hamilton Morello will continue to care for and guide Bob’s clients for many years into the future.