Aged Care Overview

Most people want to remain independent throughout retirement and to stay in control of where and how they live.

But their ability to do so may depend on their health and physical well being. As a person ages, some things may become harder to do on their own.

If a person's ability to live independently starts to decline and they need help with daily living activities such as cooking, cleaning and personal care, this is where “aged care" comes into play.

Aged care is the term for daily living and nursing care services provided to retirees who either need some help at home or can no longer live independently. Services are generally divided into two categories:

  • At-home services
  • Residential care services

The first step is to understand the realities about accessing care as you get older. The best plan is always to understand your options and be prepared.

How likely is it that you will need care?

Approximately 1 million retirees access aged care services in Australia. Of these people, around 215,000 live in residential aged care with 70% classified as high-level care.

So the older you get, the chance of needing some help is high. In fact their chances are very high.

Did you know?

At age 65, a person's chance of needing aged care during their remaining lifetime is:

  • 68% for a woman
  • 48% for a male

Women have longer life expectancies and on average live longer than their husbands – this increases the chance of needing care.

Source: Australian Government Productivity Commission Inquiry Report: Caring for Older Australians, 28 June 2011.

With these sorts of odds, it is never too early to start thinking about your options and putting plans in place, either for yourself or for a family member.

At Hamilton Morello we can assist you with planning for aged care. Please contact Cheryl Di Florio at our office for any assistance.