Hubdoc App

App: HubDoc

Integrates: Best with Xero

Industries: Multiple: Bill Automation

Goal: Gathers your key financial documents in one place, automatically saying goodbye to chasing documents & data entry.

Who's this app for?: Anyone who wants to save time managing documents and data entry.

Synopsis: Fresh off another strong showing from Xerocon, Hubdoc has added new document extraction features bolstered by its already impressive machine learning. This popular app has been integrated by Xero to help strongarm their paperless & ease of use platform. Essentially Hubdoc works like a personal assistant which extracts key financial data from your financial documents through the form of either taking a photo with the app, emails of bills/receipts or just downloads of your bills, bank statements & other information from your computer. Once this information is uploaded to Hubdoc it will publish your documents and data into Xero & code it based on the rules you set up, creating a real time saver!

Point of Difference: As its name suggests Hubdoc has created a universal Hub for its users to access & manage documents. Instead of logging into many different accounts to access regular bank statements or other financial data, you can set up your information to appear in one place. For example you could set up that your Telephone, Water & Electricity statements will be received by Hubdoc, so instead of logging into 3 different accounts once a month, you'd log into Hubdoc find all documents & bills there and with a click of a button they can imported into Xero.

Final Say: As we're moving towards becoming more paperless and have numerous online accounts, this app helps manage the pain of data entry, helps improve administration efficiency while also adding security measures so your information is protected. This App is definitely worth investigating for most businesses. Currently Hamilton Morello are partnering with Hubdoc to provide more data automation to its clients, and we'll be offering 2 year Hubdoc subscriptions for a very low price. Please enquire with us if you're is interested in taking up this opportunity.