Jane Austen Literacy Foundation

Hamilton Morello continue to support the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, through providing pro bono services.

The Jane Austen Literacy Foundation is a registered not for profit organisation run by volunteers. The foundation was created by Caroline Jane Knight, Jane Austen's fifth great niece, to harness the global passion for Jane Austen to support literacy through volunteer programs and fund literacy libraries for communities in need across the world.

The Foundation believe that everyone, no matter gender or circumstance, has the right to learn basic literacy skills. Many of us are very lucky and have the opportunity to receive an education where we can learn these invaluable skills. However, there are communities around the world where this is not so. Literacy rates in developing, low income and war torn countries are staggering, and the gap between men and women even more so.

The Foundation fund e-readers and e-libraries for communities in need and work alongside reputable charitable organisations such as Worldreader and the Indigenous Reading Project.

If you are interested in finding out more or supporting the Jane Austin Literacy Foundation, please visit the website at https://janeaustenlf.org