Scammers are very smart

In today’s world of technology, there are more and more methods which scammers are using in order to impersonate government agencies such as Taxation Office, ASIC etc.

There is a current scam involving pre-recorded robocalls impersonating the ATO and threatening immediate arrest for an unpaid tax debt. The scammers use a technology known as 'spoofing' to show a genuine ATO number on the caller ID.

If you receive one of these calls or a voicemail, please hang up or delete any message. If you have shared personal information, or have made a payment to a scammer, please contact us. The Taxation Office do have a dedicated scam line which you can also call on 1800 008 540.

The Taxation Office will never:

  • issue a pre-recorded message (robocall) to their phone
  • present a phone number on caller ID
  • threaten immediate arrest, jail or deportation for unpaid tax debts
  • demand immediate payment of a tax debt by direct credit to a personal bank account, via iTunes or Google Play cards, pre-paid Visa cards, or cryptocurrency
  • refuse to allow you to speak with a trusted advisor or regular tax agent
  • attempt to keep you on the line until they make a payment.

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated, using technology that allows them to replicate caller IDs, websites and email addresses. The best way to protect yourselves against scams is to:

  • NEVER share personal details such as your tax file number, date of birth, credit card or bank details, unless you know you can trust the person you are dealing with; and
  • ensure you are aware of the status of your tax affairs. If you are unsure, please contact our office if you are notified of outstanding taxes or fees as we can check this for you.